Fall in love with your job in February

February is one of those months when love is inevitably in the air, with Valentine’s Day having taken place in recent days, meaning now could be the perfect time for people to think about finding not just their perfect partner, but also their dream job.

So, in homage to Valentine’s Day and the joy of sharing a perfect union, here we look at three of the key things people should consider when “umming” and “ahhing” about what their their dream role should have to offer:

Can you be passionate about it?

There’s an old saying that ‘if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’. This remains as true today as it ever was. Indeed, turning a passion into a profession can be extremely rewarding. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it, which can easily lead to burnout and see that passion become something not enjoyable at all.

Are you sufficiently challenged?

Boredom can be a killer in any job, but so too can excessive demand. For that reason, it’s important to achieve the right balance between being challenged in your role and not being sufficiently stretched. You should always aim to be busy, but not so much that it has an adverse impact on other parts of your life.

Do you enjoy the culture?

With the amount of time people spend at work, it’s important that the culture of a business is one that you enjoy being part of. This means getting on well with colleagues and working in a supportive, positive atmosphere. However, it should also prompt you to ask themselves some fundamental questions:

  • What matters most to me and will this company help me to achieve that aim?
  • Does what I’m doing make a difference in the world, and is that important to me?
  • Does the business match with my own personal values?

In the end, everyone’s perfect job will be something different. However, knowing what to look for can be half the challenge when seeking your ideal role. We hope we’ve provided some food for thought!

Fuel Card Services believes in looking after its employees, which includes a good work-life balance – find out more about a career with us at www.career4you.co.uk

Young drivers call for driving lessons at school

The number of young people learning to drive has been falling, but nearly half of those who pass their tests believe it is so important that it should be taught at school.

A survey by the Young Driver driving school quizzed 1,000 motorists under the age of 25 on the question of how important driving is to them, and found 44 per cent believe it should be on the curriculum; even though some people will leave school before they are old enough to qualify.

The poll also found 39 per cent believe not being able to drive would close doors for them.

By contrast, the number of young people learning to drive has dropped by 20 per cent in the last decade.

This may suggest there is a contrast between those who may be motivated by factors such as environmental issues and easy access to public transport – particularly with the growth of city centre living – and those who may drive as part of their jobs, such as fleet drivers.

Others may see driving as a necessity because they live in areas poorly served by public transport.

Young Driver found that 19 per cent could not do their current job if they were unable to drive; the equivalent of 6.25 million people.

Marketing manager at Young Driver Laura White said: “Driving is a useful skill, which can open up a world of opportunities which might otherwise be impossible. But even beyond that, it also has the ability to give people a sense of freedom and confidence. Sixty five per cent of the drivers we questioned said they enjoyed the feeling of freedom driving gave them, and our research also showed it gave people self-confidence they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Indeed, she added, lessons with children as young as ten have shown that they can gain considerable confidence from learning how to handle the controls of a car.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Many young people don’t fully realise the benefits of being able to drive, not least for work.”
At FCS Europe, our people are the heart of our business and we are constantly striving for excellence. We are always looking for new people to join our ever-expanding team, from a new office in Halifax to a new office in a new country: Germany.

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Best prices ‘key to satisfying customers’ for FCS

The ability to offer some of the best prices on petrol and diesel to our clients is one of the biggest draws for businesses receiving the support of Fuel Card Services.

Indeed, this is precisely the case for Neptune Europe – one of the UK’s leading home furnishings makers, interior designers and decorating specialists, with more than 25 stores nationwide.

The company operates a fleet of 80 vehicles made up of a range of vans, cars and HGVs. Neptune spends approximately £27,000 per month on diesel fuel and makes use of the Shell fuel card.

“I moved over to using Fuel Card Services … to save on money, as the price was better,” stated Neptune’s distribution and fleet manager Ian Evans.

He added that his account manager Jack is “always helpful” and this is greatly appreciated; however, the most important single factor in why he’s stuck with Fuel Card Services to date is “getting the best price in the current market”.

We help around 55,000 customer organisations pump around two million litres of petrol and diesel every day. We have long-standing relationships with every major oil supplier, meaning there’s bound to be a fuel card perfect for your operation.

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