FORS Members’ Conference 2018 “biggest and best” yet

“The biggest and best to date” – just some of the positive feedback from FORS members on the third FORS Members’ Conference. Under the title ’10 years of evolving best practice’, the event also coincided with the 10th anniversary of FORS.

Staged once again at the National Conference Centre, the FORS Members’ Conference attracted over 450 delegates who gathered for a full day of presentations, networking and debate, with a retrospective of how the scheme has evolved over the last decade.

The annual conference demonstrated clearly to all how FORS remains at the forefront of industry best practice. The event also provided FORS with a platform to introduce the revised FORS Standard – version 5 – launched at the conference and which will be implemented from 14 January 2019.

Speakers on the day included Alina Tuerk, Transport for London, who discussed the Direct Vision Standard – a pressing concern to many FORS members – alongside a thought-provoking presentation from Andrew Drewary, CILT (The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport), on driver health and safety. He addressed the awkward questions operators must ask to ensure their drivers are fit to drive, while promoting a positive work culture.  Other key industry experts included Emma Jennings from the CILT and representatives from CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety), the Environment Agency and Tarmac, plus an insight into government from Robert Flello, Founder of the Parliamentary Freight Transport Group.

FORS representatives also talked through the FORS Standard version 5 and its updated requirements. Delegates took the opportunity to talk to FORS and LoCITY representatives at a number of FORS ‘surgeries’ held throughout the day to enable delegates to ask questions specific to their operation. A dedicated exhibition hall hosted by 35 FORS Associates and three Affinity Partners allowed delegates to see products and services designed to help them meet the requirements of the FORS Standard, with co-headline sponsors, FORS Associates VisionTrack and Camatics, taking centre stage.

The FORS Special Achievement award was presented to Garry Lewis, Transport Standards Manager at Tarmac, recognising his work in improving driving standards within Tarmac’s supply chain. Garry commented, “Road safety is such an important issue, not only for us in the industry but for all road users.  My work with FORS since its inception has always been motivated by improving safety for everyone who uses our roads, so I am thrilled to receive this award from FORS.”

John Hix, FORS Director said, “As the new FORS Standard comes into effect on 14 January 2019, the FORS Members’ Conference served as an ideal introduction to the changes it brings, especially in relation to the inclusion of a wider range of vehicles. FORS members came in their droves from across the UK to attend the conference and we are incredibly grateful for their support.”

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Gig economy drivers need to be meet better fleet standards

Drivers for companies like Uber and Deliveroo should be brought into line with mainstream fleet standards, according to fleet management specialists FleetCheck.

The Wiltshire-based firm believes that as these gig economy vehicles are driven by owner-operators, they are another element of grey fleet management and should be treated in exactly the same way.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, reckons that the lack of strict regulation creates risks.

“I dare say we have all had a parcel or hot food delivered to our home or office, looked at the vehicle that was being used, and strongly suspected that it would not meet even the most basic fleet standards,” he commented.

“More often than not, you discover they started early and will be driving to late in the evening.”

Mr Golding goes on to say that legally, these are grey fleet vehicles and as such, should be subject to normal grey fleet safety principles from maintenance and driver competence to non-legislative corporate principles, such as environmental considerations.

He also expressed concerns over the wildly varying standards applied by companies operating in the gig economy.

“Some businesses seem to take their responsibilities seriously and apply the kind of measures that would be seen in any other fleet operation, but others almost appear to have no managerial control at all, if the condition of the vehicles is used as a guide,” the FleetCheck boss added.

In light of recent employment rulings that have viewed major gig economy platforms as employers rather than technology companies, Mr Golding hoped fleet operations would soon follow suit and become more professional.

He went on: “There are likely to be quite a lot of vehicles on the road that are potentially poorly maintained, badly driven, grossly polluting and perhaps even outright dangerous. This is clearly wrong.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Mr Golding makes a solid argument and we expect it won’t be too long before gig economy drivers have to be held to more professional fleet standards.”

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Welcome new FORS Associates and FORS Champions

FORS would like to extend a warm welcome to the scheme’s latest Champions and Associates.

Champions specify FORS in their supply chain or promote FORS in other ways, while Associates are suppliers who provide an exclusive offer or discount on products and services aligned to the requirements of the FORS Standard.

Recent additions include:

Champions Associates

If you are interested in specifying FORS in your supply chain or providing exclusive offers or discounts to members, please contact the FORS helpline on 08448 09 09 44 or email: [email protected].


If you are a FORS company, or if you are working towards accreditation, your business is entitled to some exclusive fuel cost saving offers from Fuel Card Services. Click here for more information.

Mix It Concrete – Keeping Up

Mix It Concrete has been servicing the concrete requirements of domestic and commercial clients for over 20 years. We provide Ready Mix Concrete in London for every possible project, ranging from laying the base of a shed to the foundations for a new office building.

My name is Glen and I am the company Operations Manager. I have 21 years’ experience in transport and logistics and I am an accredited FORS practitioner and International CPC holder.

FORS is helping us to continually be preferred supplier to major players in the construction sector in and around London.

Mixit have year on year seen major improvements in fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, lowered NOx and Particulate Matter emissions and improved operator compliance risk score with the help of FORS.

We have been FORS members since 2012, gaining Silver accreditation in July 2014 and Gold in July 2015. From early on we knew the FORS benefits would help us to grow and continually improve. Our two other depots have gained Silver accreditation in 2018 and with continual improvement will soon gain Gold.

From the first Bronze audit we could see the benefits and need to develop and grow our business using the FORS principles. We have been using the performance management tools, online training and supplier benefits since they have been available to us.

‘FORS has helped improve our MPG figures for over 5 years.’ – James Taylor, Owner and Managing Director

The key benefits seen this year have been lower accident rates, MPG improvements across the fleet and again covering over 1 million kilometres across the fleet. We also scheduled 2 driver CPC courses through accredited bodies that has improved driver knowledge and attitudes towards greener driving and environmental impacts.

‘The driver training has been a major benefit to us and the drivers enjoy it.’ – Glen Beckwith, Operations Manager.

This year we have gained Silver accreditation for 2 of our other depots and with continual improvement we have in place we will apply for the Gold accreditation for these sites as well.

Quantify your improvements – Performance data

Fuel Mileage MPG
Mar 2016-Feb 2017 628723 1151597 6.96
Mar 2017-Feb 2018 301009 568247 7.17
Percentage improvement 3.01%

*Annual improvement in MPG

  • All drivers when starting employment are required to complete a full set of medical forms, disclosure forms and complete an eye test before they can start work.
  • As well as this we have an induction scheme whereby our lead drivers accompanied by the new drivers are taken out on the road in vehicles and first shown what the requirements are then once confident they are then assessed on all aspects of the work. Our induction programme is normally around 1 week for new drivers, but this can be more for inexperienced starters.
  • We follow guidelines from FORs with regard to driver handouts and information for drivers which allows us to regularly monitor and assess the individual drivers to enable us to maintain a consistent level of service to our customers.
  • We often have drivers from Eastern European countries that have held an appropriate HGV licence but would not have driven in the UK or certainly not within London and the M25. We actively encourage and support the newly qualified drivers as far as we can with continual development and our induction processes.
  • Noise is a big concern in the construction industry as often we are delivering to urban areas with many restrictions. We currently use a white noise reverse beeper system fitted to all of our vehicles to reduce the impact we have when delivering. We also have an anti-idling policy whereas we will not run vehicles unnecessarily for long periods of time and our training programme for 2018 saw all of our drivers complete and in most cases retake the LoCity and other online FORS training modules to enable drivers to better understand the environmental impacts of using HGV’s in built up areas.Our 10 acre site in Barking is helping us to control the vast majority of our goods in deliveries through the use of waterways by barge and ship. This is enabling us to reduce movements by road to all of our depots. At present all of our new vehicles are specified with Euro VI engines and we are in talks with Mercedes Benz regarding their new Econic urban chassis. We also have a new mix on site vehicle, Kaizen, which was designed by our owner and operates legally at 44,000kg and delivers up to 10 metres of concrete. This enables us to make multiple deliveries on 1 vehicle load.

Being a FORS Gold operator is a big deal for us as we continue to grow as a company and FORS gives us the tools required for continual improvement and helps to guide us in new ways of thinking and helps us to gain new ideas and concepts to ensure we continually improve our operation.


If you are a FORS company, or if you are working towards accreditation, your business is entitled to some exclusive fuel cost saving offers from Fuel Card Services.

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Posted on 30th October 2018


Fuel Card Services, the UK’s leading provider of cost-effective solutions for making fleet management easier, is proud to announce yet another successful external audit.

The company has once again maintained three key certifications: ISO9001:2015 Quality, ISO14001:2015 Environmental, and ISO50001:2011 Energy.

The auditors were “extremely impressed” with the company, the Information Management System (IMS), and the active contribution made by all staff.

A winning team

Fuel Card Services’ Managing Director, Denise Frost, congratulated the IMS team saying, “We would like to say thank you to all of those who were ready and willing to participate in the audit, including Management Systems Co-ordinator Jennifer Mason.”

Denise added that “A special mention needs to go to Ammar Tahir who joined the company in April and has worked incredibly hard to learn the Management System and all of its associated tasks, whilst ensuring all of the documentation was up to date for the audit.”

Committed to quality

Although Fuel Card Services secures its ISOs every year, Denise was quick to confirm the company’s success is down to staying committed to quality – not just in IMS but across all departments.

“The reason we achieved certification was due to the hard work and assistance of personnel all year round,” Denise said. “By holding these certifications, it tells our customers we are committed to their satisfaction as much as to our environmental responsibilities.”

Going the extra mile

Fuel Card Services also helps fleet managers stay up-to-date with essential news through their Fleet Matters publication, enables fleets to become more sustainable with The Green Journey website and news updates, and is a proud supporter of the Cool Earth initiative.

Denise Frost, M.D. Fuel Card Services

Fuel Card Services believes in looking after its employees, which includes a good work life balance, find out more about a career with us at