10 Leadership Lessons

28th June 2016

There are a number of key leadership strategies or principles that you can take on board and implement to benefit your own organisation:


1. Become a great communicator – you may have a great idea but unless you can convince the masses your unlikely to succeed.

2. Understand and learn about the people your leading -Differentiate between Delegation, Coaching, Directing and Supporting people within your organisation. You must identify who falls into which category.

3. Be prepared for Criticism – but stick with your core values and beliefs.

4. Stay Focused – Do what you do best – Focus your energies on your core business.

5. Become an Expert in your field – Learn to do what you currently do even better – Own your niche.

6. Cut Cost and waste – eliminate unnecessary waste and your profit margins will improve.

7. Focus on Time Management – Spend your time working on those projects or initiative that yield the highest return.

8. Embrace change – don’t fear it.

9. Become a leader, act like a leader – source new ideas encourage innovation and make sure it spreads throughout the organization.

10. Earn respect and give respect to everyone who shares your vision and values.

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Extracts taken fro a piece by By John Vaughan